Youngest Eye Donor Is Just 32-Hour-Old

A new born baby who was just 32 hour old when met an untimely death its parents Hetal and Dhimant Shah decided to give her a new birth by donating their baby’s eyes to light up someones life.  The infant has now become the youngest eye donar.

The death of the infant has came as a big blow to the Shah family. The family was waiting for the infant and after her birth she was diagnosed with a heart ailment.

“She had to be put on ventilator support immediately, as her condition was critical,”

said Dr Dilip Raichura of the Raichura maternity hospital in Kandivli.

As the family came to know that their new born baby will no longer live they decided to preserve at least one part of their beloved baby.

The father of the donar said that his father has always encouraged and supported for eye donation. He also added that when his uncle passed away,they also donated his eye and this time when their infant baby met with untimely death they decided to donate her eyes.

“My father has always encouraged and supported eye donation. When my uncle Ramesh passed away, we had also donated his eyes. So we decided that my daughter’s eyes too would be donated. She would live on, not only in our memory, but in the eyes of others,”

said the donor’s father Dhimant:

Her mother said that she is feeling proud that her daughter has just lived for 32 hours but has served this very purpose.

“My daughter has brought back the gleam of recognition in the eyes of no less than six people. Perhaps she was sent to this world to serve this very purpose. God sent her here to perform thus selfless act. She has lived for only 32 hours, but in the short life span, she has made me proud.”

Her mother said.

Raichura, who runs the Netradan Jagruti Centre in Kandivli said that the baby has become the youngest eye donar in the country and her parents had done something truly admirable. He also said that other parents and people should get inspiration from them and should encourage eye3 donation.


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