An outburst of rude sign, followed by critical embarrassment, with the likelihood tumultuous words from the boss.

Viewers of  the BBC News Channel saw the weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker brazenly showing his middle-finger up at breakfast show presenters Simon McCoy and Fiona Armstrong, who were off-camera. Earlier to the mistake, caught live on BBC News24, anchor Simon McCoy seemed to gently poke fun at Schafernaker by saying: ‘Now we`ll have the weather forecast in  just a minute & or course it would be a 100 per cent accurate and will provide all the detail one could possibly need.

Just then, the camera moves to the Polish-born weatherman, who reacted to the ironical tone by showing his middle finger up & then suddenly he realised  he is on camera…

He then tries to disguise his mistake by scratching his chin. A exclaim could be heard before McCoy remarks: ‘Well there’s always a mistake. That was it.’

Well the news channel presenter realised that the mistake & then soon they made an apology for that..

A BBC spoke man said that the weather guy was not aware that he was on AIR but still the mistake was not acceptable…

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