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“Everyday of the year a mass of humanity surges up steep pathways that cut across the hillside for mile after mile. Popular belief holds that anybody who walks the Himalayan trail to her abode to ask for a boon rarely goes back disappointed. There are many who journey here year after year to pay obeisance regardless of their faith or belief, creed or class, caste or religion, for Mata Vaishno Devi transcends all such barriers.”

On Trikoot Parvat (Hill), in Katra of Udhampur district at Jammu

Dedicated to:
Goddess Vaishnavi

Major pilgrimage of the Hindus

How to reach:
One can easily reach Vaishno Devi Temple by taking regular Buses or by hiring taxis from Jammu


!! Shree Durga Stuti !!

Bhagwati Bhagwan Ki Bhakti Karo Parvaan Tum
Ambe Kar Do Amar Jispe Ho Jao Meharbaan Tum

Kali Kaal Ke Panje Se Tum Hi Bachana Aan Kar
Gauri Godi Mein Bithana Apna Balak Jaankar
Chintpurni Chinta Meri Dur Tum Karti Raho
Lakshmi Lakhon Bhandare Mere Tum Bharti Raho

Nainadevi Naino Ki Shakti Ko Dena Tum Badha
Vaishno Maa Vishey Vikaro Se Bhi Lena Tum Bacha
Mangala Mangal Sada Karna Bhawan Darbar Mein
Chandika Chadhti Rahe Meri Kala Sansar Mein

Bhadrakali Bhadra Purshon Se Milana Tum Sada
Jwala Jalna Irsha Vash Yeh Mitana Kar Kripa
Chamunda Tum Chaman Pe Apni Daya Drishti Karo
Mata Maan Ijjat Ve Sukh Sampati Se Bhandar Bharo


Vaishno Devi - Heaven For Spiritual Redemption

Vaishno Devi is one of the holiest Hindu Pilgrimage site which is dedicated to Goddess Shakti. The temple is located around 12 km away from Katra in the Udhampur district. The temple is situated at an altitude of 1615 m on the Trikuta Hills of Shivalik Range. Pilgrims, especially Hindus from all over the world visit Vaishno Devi making it the second most visited shrine in India after Tirupati Balaji Mandir. There are three rock cut statues in the 100 feet long cave. The middle one represents Goddess Lakshmi, right statue represents Goddess Kali and left one represents Goddess Saraswati. All kind of people, whether they are rich or poor, young or old, sick or healthy take the challenging trek from Katra to get to this holy place. Just join any group that is climbing to the cave and feel the devotion run down your body with every breath you take. The groups sing religious songs praising the goddess non stop till they reach the top. It is just an amazing experience to see so many people devoted to their devotion to the Goddess. There are many tea stalls and Dhabas along the way where you can stop for a while and take rest. While resting or even while walking, just look around for the resplendent scenic beauty that surrounds you.

 The Holy Cave

 The Holy Cave

The Holy Shrine of Vashno Devi
In the cave, one can see the blissful ‘pindis’ of Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Saraswati. Mata Vaishno Devi is regarded as the granter of boons. She fulfills the wishes of her devotes and no one goes empty handed from her shrine. With faith in mind, people come to the temple of Vaishno Devi to seek the blessings of the Supreme power.
In the earlier days, the journey of Vaishno Devi used to be difficult with steep roads, but in the present day, the way has been made much easier than before. For the convenience of pilgrims, Horses are available that take you up to the Hill. However, people prefer to trek the way from Katra to the Bhawan (Cave). According to pilgrims, all the weariness gets off at the single glimpse of Maa Vaishno.
The pilgrims walk the whole way by chanting ‘Jai Mata Di’ in groups. At Katra, various shops sell flowers, coconuts, dry-fruits and other things that people buy to make an offering to the Goddess. The entire way to the shrine is well-lighted and adequate arrangements of water and public-convenience have been made to facilitate the pilgrims. The divine grace of the Goddess brings her devotees to this pilgrimage of religious importance.

|| Om Aien Hreen Kleen Chamundaye Viche ||

|| Om Aien Hreen Kleen Chamundaye Viche ||

9 Glorious Forms Of Goddess Durga ….. Nav-Durga

9 Glorious Forms Of Goddess Durga ..... Nav-Durga

Meri Maiya Durga is worshipped in different forms. SHE is a form of "Shakti". The evolution of Shri Maha Saraswati, Shri Maha Laxmi and Shri Mahakali (the 3 main forms of "Shakti") took place from Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu and Shri Mahesh respectively. Each of these 3 deities gave rise to 3 more forms and hence in all, these 9 forms together are known as Nav-Durga …..

SHAILPUTRI (The Daughter of Stone)



KUSHMANDA (Cosmic Egg Layer)

SKANDAMATA (The Mother of Skanda)

KATYAYANI DEVI (The Daughter of Katyayana)

KALRATRI (Deadly Night)

MAHAGAURI (The White Force)



“It is said that one can only visit the sacred cave of Vaishno Devi only when the Goddess herself wants them to and beckons them. If you are reading this, probably this is your call for making the holiest trip of your life. Come prepared to lose your old self and find the new you who will be more wise and chaste.

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