Uttarakhand International Film Festival(UIFF) for Documentary, Short and Animation Films starts on 23th April

First time International Film Festival is going to held in Dehradun from 23rd April to 29th April 2010.The tentative schedule for Uttarakhand International Film Festival (UIFF) screening programme is finalized. This time lot of Films, Documentries, Short and animation films are being shown.It is proposed to screen package of censored films from Uttarakhand on 29th April, 2010.The screening programme will be finalised on receipt of the details of the films (censored) from UIFF. All these screening would be done in Chhayadeep Cinema.  Entry to UIFF is Free so be there to witness.banner-ufcc-merapahad-small

The man objectives of the Uttarakhand International Film Festival 2010 are :-

–To promote the film industry in Uttarakhand and to make Uttarakhand a tourist paradise,
–To save environment i.e the holy river Ganga, Forest, Rich Biodiversity and the Himalayas,
–To conserve and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Dev-bhoomi,
–To create awareness among the people of Uttarakhand regarding films as a source of entertainment, and its educative and aesthetic values,
–To give an opportunity to independent documentary film makers, short film makers and animators with a view to encouraging individual talent in Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand film festival venue:

Timing 23.4.2010
6.00 pm onwards Inaugural Function
Inaugural Films
Framing Time (Dir:- Manohar Singh/15mins.)
Rafi, We Remember You (Dir:-Kuldeep Sinha/70mins.)
10.00 am TO 12.00 noon The Valley of Flowers (Director:-K.S.Sridhar/India/22mins.)
The Movement Of Accepting Life
(Director:-Robert Maclean/UK/7mins.)
Alladin and Magic Lamp
(Director:-Moscow Puppet Theatre/21mins.)
The Chinise Dog
(Director:-Lut Vandelkeybus/Belgium/14mins.)
Children Of Tibet
(Director:-Melinda Wearne/Australia/53mins.)
12.15 pm TO 1.30 pm Shat Shat Pranam (Dir:- D.K.Prabhakar/6mins.)
A Seaside Story
(Director:-Laxmikant Shetgaonkar/India/45mins.)
(Dir:-Boudewijin Koole/The Netherlands/20mins.)
2.30 pm TO 4.30 pm Toote Pankh
(Dir:-Kuldeep Sinha/India/45mins.)
A Match Made In Kolkata
(Dir:-Frances Key Phillips/USA/India/67mins.)
4.45 pm TO 6.15 pm Heda Huda (Director:-Vinod Ganatra/India/84mins.)
6.30 pm TO 8.00 pm Singh Bandhu (Dirctor:-Ashok Vairani/India/21mins.)
Antardhwani-Inner Sound
(Director;-Jabbar Patel/India/68mins.)
Timing 25.04.2010
10.00 am TO 12.00 noon I, Me, Myself (Swayam)
(Dir:-Arun Chadha/India/29mins.)
Luminous Jewel – Birju Maharaj
(Dir:-Vijay B. Chandra/India/95mins.)
12.15 pm TO 1.30 pm A Place In The Sun
(Dir:-Sushma Poddar/India/11mins.)
Munni (Dir:-Bhim Sain/India/10mins.)
Swimmy (Dir:-Leo Lionni/6mins.)
Creation (Dir:- Sushma Kuwalekar/India/4mins.)
The Lion & The Rabbit (Dir:-V.G.Samant/India/9mins.)
The Threads (Dir:-Girish Rao/India/3mins.)
She Could Do You Proud (Dir:-Arun S. Gongade/India/4mins.)
Bholu Ki Bakri (Dir:-B.R.Shendge/India/11mins.)
Landscape (Dir:-Ravi Jadhav/India/2mins)
Pum Pum (Dir:-Yashna Maya Padamsee/USA/16mins.)
2.30 pm TO 4.30 pm Uttaranchal (News Magazine No. 448) (India/10mins.)
The Black Road – On The Front Lines of Ache’s Man
(Dir:-Willilam Nessen/Australia/52mins)
Tell Them, The Tree They Had Planted Has Now Grown
(Dir:-Ajay Raina/India/58mins.)
4.45 pm TO 6.15 pm Malli (Dir:-Santosh Sivan/India/90mins.)
6.30 pm TO 8.00 pm Begum Akhtar (Dir:-N.S.Issar/India/17mins)
Ustad Bismillah Khan
(Dir:- Dinesh Kumar Prabhakar/India/19mins.)
Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj
(Dir:-Madhura Pandit Jasraj/India/50mins.)
Timing 26.04.2010
10.00 am TO 12.00 noon A Certain Liberation (Dir:-Yasmin Kabir/Bangladesh/37mins.)
Shahid Ganesh Shankar Vidhyarti
(Dir:-Debu Devdhar/India/12mins.)
Whose is this song (Dir:- Adela Peeva/Bulgaria/70mins.)
12.15 pm TO 1.30 pm Bhiwandi Tragedy (Dir:-V.Packirisamy/India/16mins.)
Images of Dictatorship
(Dir:-Patricio Henriquez/Canada/60mins.)
2.30 pm TO 4.30 pm Way Back Home (Dir:-Supriyo Sen/India/118mins)
4.45 pm TO 6.15 pm The Little Terrorist (Dir:- Ashvin Kumar/India/15mins.)
Lukka Chuppi (Dir:-Vinod Ganatra/India/75mins.)
6.30 pm TO 8.00 pm Phalke Children (Director:-Kamal Swaroop/India/20mins.)
Uma Sharma (Dir:-Budhadeb Dasgupta/India/30mins.)
Sanchaika – An Album (Dir:- Shailesh S. Shetye/India/30mins.)
Timing 27.04.2010
10.00 am TO 12.00 noon Ek Akar (S. Sukhdev) (Dir:- Gulzar/India/22mins.)
Son of Mountain (G B Pant)
(Dir:-K.Bikram Singh/India/95mins.)
12.15 pm TO 1.30 pm Suicide (Dir:-Eliane Raheb/Lebnon/26mins.)
17 AUGUST (Dir:-Alexander Gutman/Russia/53mins.)
2.30 pm TO 4.30 pm A Dream Takes Wings (Dir:-Gajanan Jagirdar/India/16mins.)
The Legend of Fat Mama (Dir:-Rafeeq Ellias/India/23mins.)
Burma V.J. Reporting from Closed Country
(Dir:-Anders Hosbro Ostergaard/Denmark/85mins.)
4.45 pm TO 6.15 pm Ali & The Ball (Dir:-Alex Holmes/Australia/15mins.)
Raju & I (Dir:-Gayatri Rao/India/30mins.)
Ladakh – The Land Of Mystery
(Dir:-Biyot Projna Tripathy/India/43mins.)
6.30 pm TO 8.00 pm Sonal Mansingh (Dir:-Prakash Jha/India/29mins.)
Anwar – Dream of A Dark Night
(Dir:-Anwar Jamal/India/54mins.)
Timing 28.04.2010
10.00 am TO 12.00 noon The Elephant Boy (Dir:- Rene Mohandas/UK-India/27mins.)
Zero Degrees of Separation
(Dir:- Elle Flanders/Canada/90mins.)
12.15 pm TO 1.30 pm Vietnam Symphony (Dir:- Tom Zubrycki/India/52mins.)
Louis Braille (Dir:- Suresh Menon/India/21mins.)
2.30 pm TO 4.30 pm Home Delivery (Dir:-Elio Quroga/Spain/12mins.)
Bare Handed (Dir:-Thierry Knauff/Belgium/26mins.)
Riding Solo To The Top Of The World
(Dir:-Gaurav Jani/India/84mins.)
4.45 pm TO 6.15 pm Man Pasand (Dir:-Dhvani Desai/India/11mins.)
Sixer (Dir:- Gul Bahar Singh/India/80mins.)
6.30 pm TO 8.00 pm Tarana (Dir:-Rajat Kapoor/India/26mins.)
Roshini (Part I & II)
(Dir:-Bhim Sain/India/63mins.)
29.4.2010 Screening Programme will be announced separately

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