On Monday Sports minister Ajay Maken said that BCCi should come under Right to Informational (RTI) Act. He also said that the national sports bill will be passed by the parliament in its winter session.

Maken was distributing cash awards to the sportsmen in the National stadium when he said that BCCI should come under RTI for its own benefit.

“When we talk about transparency and the RTI, it is about all the 66 sports disciplines including the BCCI. It is public money that they are dealing with and they should come out clean for their own benefit. Otherwise there will be a question mark on whatever good work they have done in the past,”

Ajay Maken Said:

He also said that the problem and the main chalange in front of him is to lay the revised sports bill in front of Cabinet. The bill was earlier rejected by the parliament in its last session.

“I am trying to present the bill again in the cabinet and get it passed during the winter session of parliament,”

He said:

“Personally, I have nothing to do with the WSH, I am only concerned about the national hockey team.”

He said commented on the controversial WSH.

“We have a steering committee, headed by sports secretary, that looks after all the funds. In all the sports federations we have government observers, who look after all the resources. We have a huge amount set aside for the London Olympics and I can assure you all that there will be no dearth of funds,”

he added:

He also said that from next year he will distribute cash prizes twice a year to prevent backlog.

“Today we distributed around Rs.8 crore to athletes and coaches for their achievements since 2010. To avoid such delays we will be giving away cash awards twice every year. We will also make sure that coaches, who play a huge role during the formative years of an athlete, are also awarded,”

He said:



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