Hindi Divas, Hindi is Third Most Spoken Language Worldwide is Our National Language Hindi

14th September, 2010 The day is celebrated every year as Hindi Divas, our national language is Hindi, It’s spoken by almost 500 million people over the world, the third most spoken language.


We felt proud always being Hindustani, Every year September 14th is celebrated as acknowledgement of the Indian official language i.e Hindi.

Third Most Spoken language in the World is hindi, Hindi Divas

Hindi was declared official language unanimously by the Constitutional Assembly on 14th September, 1949. Since then, every year 14th September is celebrated as Hindi Day in all Central Government Offices situated in India and abroad. On this occasion Hindi Day and Raj Bhasha award distribution function is being organized on 14th September, 2010 in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

Remeber Hindi “Varnamala” MOst of us forget this

Hindi Varnamala, Learn it by heart, Hindi Divas 14 September 2010

Hindi adopts the true spirit of Indians in terms of tolerance. Hindi is also called as a ‘link language’, which connects the united India. It’s the official language of India, the country with the second largest population in the world.

Hindi Day, 14 th September 2010

Constitution of India, defines Hindi is one of the two official languages of communication (English is other). Indian Television Industry in Hindi channels is gaining a rise not only in India but also in USA, UK, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, etc


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