The popular series “mano ya na mano” will be telecast  on “star one” from august 21.the series was produced by popular Indian actor Jeetendra’s production house known as BALAJI TELEFILMS, which is one of India’s biggest television production house to date.

 “mano ya na mano” is returning for a second season

This weekly show will be anchored by actor Mishal Raheja who can be seen on ‘Laagi Tujhse Lagan’ these days. He was earlier seen in the show ‘Love Story’ on SAB TV. the show captures unusual and inexplicable powers and events beyond the realm of human mind.

 show will be anchored by actor Mishal Raheja

The first story, “ KHOON K ANSU” is about a young girl from Patna named Rashida Khatoon (played by sadiya siddhi) ,who cries tears of blood instead of water,and a man who hasn’t eaten for 70 years.

The series features episodic horror stories based on supernatural beliefs.Each story is portrayed in a fabricated and dramatic representation based on mystic and paranormal convictions.

Well this is just a trailer. Watch the show which begins in August to know the unusual and mystic India! “REALLY, THE SHOW IS EXPECTED TO BE INTERESTING AND ENTERTANING”

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