Hyderabad could be India’s First Wi-Fi enabled City

Telangana government is in urge to make Hyderabad as India’s first fully Wi-Fi enabled city. Government is holding talks with various network service providing companies. “We are taking a leaf out of cities like Mountain View and Houston for offering Wi-Fi services. “We are speaking to service providers,” said KT […]

Google celebrates its 14th birthday with chocolate cake doodle

Google, on Thursday, celebrates it’s 14th birthday with a delicous chocolate-cake-doodle. The search engine turned 14 on September 27. Google has featured a chocolate cake as its birthday-theme doodle with 14 candles on it. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Both attended Stanford University) with the objective “to organize the world’s information and make it […]

Free Download A New Social Networking Internet Browser “RockMelt” For PC

With the aim to catch the attention of people, every-time internet tool provider companies are planning something new, something unique. As Internet market is increasing everyday, every second and keeping this in mind the internet tool provider companies are always planning something new. When we talk about the most essential internet tools, a few names comes […]

Government Websites: New target for the Hackers

With the advancements in the field of technology and Internet, cyber crimes are also increasing day by day. Governments Websites are the new targets for the hackers.               Data reveals that in the last few month’s approx 112 government websites were targeted by the […]

Google First Teen Birthday; Happy 13th Birthday Google!!!

Today is a very special day for all the internet user who loves & use google products. Google celebrate their first Teen birthday today. Google celebrates 13th years of existence in the world of Internet. It’s the 13th Birthday of Google and they have decorated their Homepage with a very […]

Google Launches New Social Networking Service Google Plus (+)

Google launched its new version social networking service ‘Google Plus (Google+)’ on Tuesday. As Google  is lacking behind in social networking service. Google previous version of social networking service ORKUT was failed to catch users like Facebook. It will give tough competition to Facebook as this time Google + is […]