Milind Soman, Hot Favorite Contestant got out in First round as failed in assigned task given in Khatron Ke Khiladi 3.

All waited so long for ‘Khatron ke khiladi’ Season 3 started on Colors channel at 9 PM from Monday 06, September, 2010. Milind Soman, model and actor became the first to go outfrom the show.

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Heavy Rainfall in North India: Halts Life in Delhi

Excessive rains halted life in Capital yesterday.Delhi registered the maximum record rainfall of ths season.As it has been always in Delhi,rains led to traffic halts,jams,Trains disruptions,water logging,halts,accidents. It was a complete chaos in Delhi.With people found stranded everywhere. Another cause of worry was that,water logged in places where CWG preparation […]

Leh Cloudburst took 85 lifes, more than 10,000 suffered with this natural tradegy, Rescue Operation Accelerated

Cloud Burst in Leh took more than 85 lifes, and more than 10,000 suffered completely with this natural calamity. Only Trail of destruction shows everywhere.

Mine Lyrics by “Talor Swift”

Taylor Swift explains “Mine” lyrics: “The song is sort of about finding the exception to that and finding someone who would make you believe in love and realize that it could work out, because I’m never ever going to go past hoping that love works out.”

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Snakehead fish: Latest Discovery

Eight years ago few Americans had heard of the elusive Northern Snakehead fish. It was then an aquarium pet in North America native to Asia and a food staple.Snakeheads (Channidae) are a family of freshwater fish native to Africa and Asia. These predatory fish are distinguished by a long dorsal […]

Beauty Tips-Beauty tips for Girls-Regain your Skin Glow-Regain your Skin color back with Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips Nowadays the cosmetics industry offers plenty of beauty products so that we are often extremely confused when we need to purchase them because we do not know which of them are suitable for our skin, for our hair, our body, nails or our teeth. It is said that […]

Swimming-Benefits of Swimming-Health Benefits of Swimming

  Swimming can be considered a universal sport. Seniors, overweight people, pregnant women, people suffering from chronic back pain … everyone, or almost everyone can swim. Buoyed by water, the body is lighter, thus facilitating the movement and relieving the joints. At the same time, resistance to water makes the […]

Tips To Prepare Home Made Summer Drinks-How To Prepare Types Of Lemonade Drinks-Tips To Keep Cool In Summer-Summer Drink Tips-Home Made Summer Cold Recipes.

Tips For How Keep Cool In Summer. Natural cool summer drinks help pacify Pitta. However don’t go for artificial carbonated cold drinks that aggravate indigestion. Also avoid hot beverages like tea and coffee. Here are some home made cool summer drinks that you can have to keep you cool in […]