Petrol Cost Hiked by Rs. 7.50 / Litre; New Petrol Price in Different Cities from 23rd May 2012

Yesterday night comes with very shocking news for all Indian’s specially the young youth who have a passion of biking. $ is going up & Indian Rupees is coming down, so as usual petrol prices hiked again. But this time it was not hiked by 1 or 2 rupees. Petrol will […]

In India, it’s cheaper to fuel Aeroplane than a Car

Government of India on 14th May’11 increased petrol prices by almost 5 Rupees. India’s state-owned fuel firms on Saturday hiked petrol prices by nearly nine per cent to help fight revenue losses from a rise in crude oil prices, a record hike that will fuel high inflation. The increase marked […]

Petrol Prices hike All over India by Rs 2.96 per litre from midnight

The Oil companies in India will hike petrol prices by Rs 2.96 Per litre. Bharat Petroleum Corp also (BPCL) hiked petrol prices by  Rs 2.96 a litre.The fuel price hike will come into effect from Tuesday night. Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL) and BPCL are losing Rs 4.17 per litre on selling […]