18 more helicopters By US for flood-relief to Pakistan

18 more helicopters By US for flood-relief to Pakistan United States announced that it will send 18 more helicopters to Pakistan as part of its on growing contribution to flood-relief efforts. The aircraft, which will include 10 CH-47 Chinook and eight UH-60 Black  Hawk helicopters, will be sent for the […]

Pakistan Flood Leaving more than FOUR Million Without Home & Hungry : pictures & latest Report

Around four million Pakistanis have become homeless from nearly three weeks because of floods U.N. earlier it said that around two million people had lost their homes due to flood & it was the worst floods in Pakistan’s history. Aid agencies are been pushed for more funding as they try […]

Pakistan Floods – Rain adds to misery

Poor weather is adding to the woos of people as authorities are trying to bring the situation under control. Rain is falling in parts of north and east with crops and property badly destroyed. Meanwhile president Zardari is on a UK visit,people have raised voice against this as why he […]