Sonia Gandhi For The 4th Time Elected The Congress President

NEW DELHI: With her mother-in-law, the late Indira Gandhi, appear on from a billboard, which also carried excerpts from her famous “Every drop of my blood…” speech, conveyed just before her murder in 1984; Ms Sonia Gandhi was on Friday officially elected as Congress president for the fourth consecutive term. […]

Kasab Death Penalty Won’t Affect Forthcoming Talk between India And Pakistan’s-Human Right Activists Calling Justice For Kasab’s Death Penalty- Kasab’s Death Penalty-Death Sentence For Kasab.

Most recently Kasab  was given death sentence,but time is yet to set,Many  of you expect what could be the situation between India  and Pakistan , if was given death penalty,Reflecting on to the Saarc summit session between Indian and Pakistan, Prime Minister Quershi mentioned on Friday that proposed talks with […]