Amir Khan visited the Drunk White School and according to him “all is not well”

“all is not well” This was how a concerned Amir Khan reacted on wednesday on seeing the condition of the DRUK WHITE LOTUS SCHOOL where the actor shot for 3 idiots,tweaking the film’s punch dialogue “aal iz well” reflects the ground situation.

Leh Cloudburst took 85 lifes, more than 10,000 suffered with this natural tradegy, Rescue Operation Accelerated

Cloud Burst in Leh took more than 85 lifes, and more than 10,000 suffered completely with this natural calamity. Only Trail of destruction shows everywhere.

LIVE CLOUDBURST kills at least 59 in Leh

Leh cloudburst kills 59 At least 59 people were killed and many more still missing in a series of cloudbursts that hit parts of this town during Thursday night. Sources in the Defence Ministry said the toll might go up over 100. According to information available, a series of cloudbursts […]