China official rejected that Karmapa was its spy

China official rejected that Karmapa was its spy & claimed that allegations against the country in this regard showed India’s "mistrustful attitude" towards Beijing, on Monday 31, 2011. Indian intelligence agencies reportedly said the Karmapa may be a Chinese "plant," after Indian police found a large number of foreign currencies, […]

China Has Deployed Advanced CSS-5 Missiles Near Indian Borders

Is China A threat To India IS China worrying about its relations with India Or is taking things the other way round.. Like our politicians have also said it in the past that China  is a great threat to India so is China also feeling the same ??? The answer […]

Woman Survived after Jumping Naked on a Air Cushion from the 11th floor in China

A Chinese women jumped from the ledge of her apartment after having a fight with her husband A chinese woman sitting naked on the window ledge of her apartment jumped to commit suicide but by luck survived by falling on air cushion. This all happened at an apartment block in […]

EXCLUSIVE REPORT`Obama eyes India-US clean energy fight`

Raising the rhetoric of outsourcing again, US President Barack Obama said countries like India, China, Germany and others from Europe are competing with America for clean energy jobs. The US President stressed that his administration would not allow America to be relegated to second position in respect to these countries […]

Leh & Laddakh-Ultimate Destination to visit in Northern India-Jammu and Kashmir

Ladakh, a part  of  Jammu &  Kashmir State in  north  of India consisting of two districts Leh and Kargil. Leh with an  area of 45110 Sq Km makes it largest district in the country in terms of area.

Important Dates of Indian History-General knowledge About Indian History

These are the some memorable dates of Indian history.In which some great Events were held & some eminent personalities were born. These are some of the important dates of  Indian history & culture , useful for general knowledge purposes.   B. C.   3000-2500 Indus Valley Civilization 563 Birth of […]