Check out the theme song of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi 2015 titled “Le Panga“.  Written & composed by Piyush Pandey, Star Sports Pro Kabaddi 2015 Theme Song was sung by Amitabh Bachchan. Here are the lyrics & video of the song. Check it out!!

Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League 2015
Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League 2015

Le Panga Lyrics

Khel kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi.. yeah
Thodi lapak jhapak
Thodi lachak lachak
Aaya matak matak maine diya patak
Arey le panga
Patak diya
Patak diya
Patak diya
Le panga… panga panga panga le

Chhal kapat kapat
Dil dhadak dhadak thodi ladap-jhadap
Maine liya hadap
Arey le panga panga panga panga
Le panga panga panga le panga
Ye kabaddi aal taal
Mera macha laal laal
De patakki patakki patakki
Hui ghusupp ghussur chala idhar udhar
Maine kheechi taang
Wo gaya pasar are pasar
Arey pasar gaya pasar gaya
Pasar gaya pasar gaya
Panga, panga.. le panga le
(Le panga le panga le panga)
(Le panga le panga le panga)

Chalo thummak thummak
Phir dhinnak dhinnak
Kiya gajjab gajjab
Main gaya khisak
Are khisak liya khisak liya khisak liya
khisak liya
Le panga le panga le panga..

Le Panga Video

About Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is a professional kabaddi league in India, based on the format of the Indian Premier League. The first edition of the tournament started on 26 July 2014 with eight franchises consisting of players from around the world.It is currently supervised by Mashal Sports Managing Director Charu Sharma. Pro Kabaddi is found by an an eight-city league played in a “caravan format,” travelling together to all 8 venues to play 56 league matches, two semifinals, one 3rd and 4th position match and a Grand Finale, making a total of 60 Matches. 435 million viewers in India over its five-week run. This makes it the second-most viewed sporting tournament in the country after the annual twenty-20 tournament Indian Premier League, which in its 2014 edition was viewed by 552 million.

Star Sports Pro Kabaddi starts 18 July at 7:50 PM on Star Sports, Star Gold and hotstar!

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