Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan is feelin down after the cancellation of his Patna visit for the promotion of his comming movie Don 2.King of the bollywood tweeted:was super excited with my first ever visit to Patna but district authorities said some security issues.I will come some other time,Damn !!! bag packed plane ready…my Bihari accent was also being worked upon.I feel awefull ,i couldnt make it but inshaalla I will go ther some other time

Meanwhile yesterday in Patna  at P&M mall fans of Sharukh Khan created chaos when heard that the visit of the King Khan has been canceled.Local police authority had to do a bit of exercise in removing the fans creating the chaos near P&M mall which is at the prime location of the state capital Patna.

He further tweeted


Desperately seeking a good book to read . Kindly dried up books stores out of bounds….heading to Nagpur would have been nice if I had a book in route to Nagpur garb of film promotion Don in on.So if you are in Nagpur and have the time I would love it if you get me books…remember to write your twitter handle please on the book handle.Expectation from the film of shahrukh khan is getting higher and higher.Hope he will stand upon.



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