congress presidentNEW DELHI: With her mother-in-law, the late Indira Gandhi, appear on from a billboard, which also carried excerpts from her famous “Every drop of my blood…” speech, conveyed just before her murder in 1984; Ms Sonia Gandhi was on Friday officially elected as Congress president for the fourth consecutive term.

It’s a feat no other Congress leader has skillfully — not evens her husband, the late Rajiv Gandhi, or her mother-in-law, or her grand father-in-law, the late Jawaharlal Lal Nehru, the country’s first prime minister. Realizing the sheer size of the occasion, Ms Sonia Gandhi, after getting the election certificate from central election authority chairman Oscar Fernandez, right away re-dedicated herself to the task of re-energizing Congress.

With hundreds of cheering, slogan-shouting party men, who had collected inside a makeshift tent erected on the lawns of the AICC headquarters at 24 Akbar Road, egging her on, Ms Sonia Gandhi, 63, pledged to work tirelessly for the country and the people. “I thank all of you. During my term as Congress president, I’ve felt that the job is full of errands. I’ve a duty towards the country,” she said, as Congress workers, most of who hailed from its Delhi unit, yelled slogans of “Sonia Gandhi Zindabad.”

The party, she said, symbolize the expectations of all generations, of all era. “While performing my duty, I’ll try my best to add towards amplification the country. With the help of party workers, we’ll struggle to keep the flag of this great organization aloft,” she said in her short speech.

The purpose, which kicked off with the influx of Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh at 5.45 pm, finished in about 10 minutes. But Congressmen had started gathering at the venue since early morning. The heavy downpour, which started early in the afternoon and sustained for the next couple of hours, and the traffic restrictions put in place by the Delhi Police failed to moisten their enthusiasm. Once inside, they had to wade through slush to come close to the dais.

With the widen from the Jan path-Akbar Road approximately to the Man Singh Road roundabout teeming with people and vehicles, the police had no option but to hurdle the two entry-points and make it out-of-bounds for commuters.

After being duly elected as Congress president party veteran Moti Lal Vora pass over a bouquet to Ms Sonia Gandhi. He was followed by the prime minister.

With the statement of results of presidential election, the first phase of organizational election, account to AICC general secretary Janardan Dwivedi, has come to an end. The next chapter will conclude on September 17, when elections to the state PCCs will take position.

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