The song which is on the headlines  now-a-days  “Shiela Ki Jawaani” is one of the hits of this year. Farah Khan‘s both item numbers “Munni Badnaam Hui” and  “Shiela Ki Jawaani” has rocked bollywood and the audience. Katrina Kaif says in a interview that she got the inspiration from the pop star Shakira for the sizzling item song “Shiela Ki Jawaani” from her latest movie “Tees Maar Khan”.

The bollywood hot actress Katrina Kaif says that though she got inspired by Shakira but she can’t compare her belly dancing with her, and she can only dream of such comparison.

“If my dance in “Sheila Ki Jawani” reminds the viewers of Shakira ,its a huge reward for me.” Says Katrina Kaif.

Katrina praises Farah Khan for all her success and the grand success of the song in the movie.

Katrina said ” We have worked very hard for the song but all the credit goes to Farah Khan for she is a great choreographer”.

Katrina plays the role of the item girl in the movie who wished to become an actress but because of her stupidity she fall in great trouble.  She is Akhsay’s girlfriend and at the end he saves her from all the troubles.

The movie is about Tarbez Mirza Khan ,a criminal played by Akshay, and his girlfriend Anya played by Katrina Kaif.The film is an action comedy.

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