Today a doller is costing Rs 53.75 according to the finance ministry of India.The reaso behind the this fall down of Indian currency is believed to be the withdrawl of the foreign investment in Indian market.Rupees had reached to its level low.Experts say that this downfall of rupee will make things more difficult for  the common people by increasing the rates of the goods which is being spacially brought from foriegn countries. 


According to Dheerendra Kumar ,a famous buisness analyst,there will definitely the uproarment in the electronic goods which is being majorly imported from abroad.Because we will have to pay for those goods in dollers and doller is goin high with respect to the rupees.Electronic goods like mobile phones,computers etc are brought from abroad.And in India there is a huge consumer population of these goods,spacially mobile phones.Every single person is using mobile phone and its accessories.

Spare parts of cars are also imported even in country built cars.That is also going to increase the cost of the cars.Dheerendra Kumar again sid that companies had not increased the rates of the car as yet but if the condition of rupee doesnt get better,the companies will be bound to take compensation of the loss from the customers.

Finance minister Mr.Pranab Mukherjee said that the condition of downfall is  temporary ,rupee will definetely going to regin its coniditon in coming days.So there is no need to warry about it.

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