One of the best couple of  Star Plus’s Nach Baliye 5 Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta got standing ovation for their outstanding performance to the song Aaja Nach le.  It was really a superb and unique dance performed by both of  them.  In the whole dance act Sargun was sitting on Ravi’s shoulders and Ravi was hidden by Sargun’s long ghagra. Sargun was giving facial expression and moving her hands as she was sitting on Ravi’s shoulders and Ravi was doing foot steps which was matching with the Sargun’s expressions.

Ravi And Sargun
Ravi And Sargun

All the three judges was so happy and surprised  to see their performance and gave standing ovation to the couple Ravi and Sargun. Sajid said – ‘It is a grand finale performance’ and also gave Kitkat to Ravi and Sargun. Terence praised choreographers and said hats off and salam to the choreographers. Shilpa got lil bit emotional. Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta got full marks from all three judges.  Shilpa Shetty also danced with Ravi and Sargun.

And the icing on the cake was Kapil Sharma. Comedian Kapil sharma was also join Nach Baliye. And of-course When Kapil is there than fun and masti is also there. He cracked jokes and make the contestants, judges and audience laugh.

“We could have chosen the easy way by doing a ball dance. But we thought of doing it differently. When we locked the concept, it seemed easy. During rehearsals, Ravi practiced his footwork and I practiced the upper body movements. Till then it was fine. But as soon as I sat on him for three minutes at a stretch, everything went haywire. I had to ensure that my entire weight wasn’t on his neck. However, the 20 rehearsals we did every day left him with a lot of pain. But our gamble paid off and we got full marks,” said Sargun.

Ravi And Sargun’s Performance

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