It was a old story that Imran and Ranbeer Kapoor kissed each other in “Koffee with Karan”. Now the latest buzz is that Rani Mukherjee kissed Vidya Balan on a entertainment show.

Rani and Vidya have arrived to a entertainment show to promote their movie “No One Killed Jessica”. After some time of the interview Rani became exited and became reporter herself.

As Rani was asking  questions from Vidya  she became hyper and kissed Vidya in front of cameras.

As their were news of conflict between the two actresses Rani made it clear that there is nothing like that. They both gave a friendship tag between them and proved the media wrong.

So, the cat fight is over between them and they are now good friends.

Well the lip-lock was just a promotional act for their movie not real one !!

Watch the video for the news.

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