At last big boss Season 4 couple Rahul Bhatt son of Mahesh Bhutt and Anchal Kumar (Model) confessed that they are dating each other. It is about one month they are dating ,both met each other in big Boss house.

Like father Mahesh Bhatt, Rahul  do not like to mix his real and reel life. He likes to keep his private life close to his heart.But for now he became open with his relation with model Anchal Kumar.

Rahul was evicted from Big Boss house before Anchal Kumar and he said that he will definitely miss Anchal a lot.Big Boss most decent girl is now Rahul’s part of life.Now the two of them are very much like a pair.

Rahul said, ” Yes Anchal and I are seeing each other.We’ve been dating for a month now .It takes me a long time to open up with people.I’ve very few friends and after what I’ve gone through I’m even more wary of new contacts.”

According to him Anchal is a very lovely girl, very Shy, honest and a trustworthy person.He said that he is looking for a long term relation with her.

” Rahul is a good friend of mine.We met in Big Boss house.Many people got to know me, and I am happy with the respect I got from the show.”

Well we think that Anchal was quit  diplomatic about her relation with Rahul!!

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