Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee will be the 13th President of India. Congress President, Sonia Gandhi announced his submission on Friday evening following a short gathering of the UPA. It place an end to the long suspense that noticeable the rollercoaster contest for the nomination of its presidential applicant by the ruling coalition.

Pranab Mukherjee is predictable to succeed the competition hands down, with SP and BSP pledging their support and the Left probable to follow suit. They, along with the UPA, explanation for a majority in the electoral college. The benefit promises to become irresistible with cracks viewing up in the BJP-led NDA over resistance to Mukherjee’s contention.

BJP’s ally JD(U) is arguing next to a competition by citing the build of the veteran politician and the require to avoid acrimony over a losing fight. In fact, with previous President A P J Abdul Kalam improbable to come in the fray, the election may become just a formality.

Previous this week, two Congress party associates, the Trinamool Congress and Samajwadi Party, seemed to reject Mr. Mukherjee’s application when they proposed a line up of other likely candidates, counting former president and rocket scientist A.P.J. Kalam and, astonishingly, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

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