Friday 25th March 11’ – India beat Australia in a blockbuster quarterfinal to reserve their berth in the semi-finals in Mohali against their arch rivals Pakistan. Chasing a total of 261, India batted well and with some heroics from Yuvraj Singh sealed the victory for them. A winning streak of 3 world cups on a trot comes to an end for Aussies. It was always on the card as law of averages works.

With key players missing and without a quality spinner in the side, it was very difficult for Aussies to win the world cup on this slow low bounce pitches. But they started well and played well as per their strength.

There was one man who has been facing criticism from around 18months now. Captain of the team Ricky Ponting, out of form, been injured in this period, team not performing according to the expectations. Former players, media and not to forget all those cricket fans who hate Australia because of the way they play and they have won. He was the one who stood on a day when he was really needed for the team. Batted his guts out, scored a century where others failed and was again leading his team from the front. A true leader defending his team and trying to set a example. Laid down by the bowlers, he lost the match which might be his last match for world cup as a player and as a captain.

Scoring that century and showing the character with that small celebration, fielding with a broken finger, diving around with that hand stopping runs, and giving his 100% on the field. But still people hate him for his attitude. He lead his team well and was with the team in difficult situations. Ricky Ponting is a legend who has always proved his critics wrong on field. This time he failed but still I am proud of him and his character. One of the great’s of the game, won 2 world cups as captain which no present captain can ever achieve.

Still people hate him for what he is. I pity those cricket fans who love cricket and there passion is cricket and still they can’t see one of the most successful batsman and captain in the cricket history.

People are talking about his retirement before india’s match and answered them with a century. His captaincy might be questioned now and he can face the axe from the strictest board in world cricket. But Ponting you are a legend. People hate you because they can never be you and can never achieve what you have achieved till now.

Waiting to see you bat again in the coming months. You still have lots to give to this cricket world.






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