A pannel of prliamend had recomended the CBI investigation against chief executive officer of the Industriall financial corporation of India Mr. Atul Kumar Rai. The panel stated that there has been no control of finance ministery over the Industrial financial corporatin of India.Inspite of the fact that government passes millions of rupees.There are many irregularities found in the balance sheet of the IFCI.In a weather of upcoming election the government is really serious about any of the corruption issue.

Rajiv Pratap Rudi had already charged Mr.Atul regarding  the misconduct .Rudi is a BJP. leader and used to be minister during the tenure of national democratic alliance

The opposition party is not going to let any of the chances away and definitely going to use the chance in the upcoming election.The matter of 3g scam and other corruption issues are revolving around in the air.Opposition has already shown its agreement to Anna Hazare on the lokpal issue.Mayawati has also shown the agreement with the Anna hazare today.she said in a statement that Prime Minister should also be under the power of Lokpal ,CBI and judiciary should also be included under the lokpal.She said the congress government is not willing to make a strong lokpal bill.They are the trying to chea the public and they will see the results in upcoming elections.Mayawati said we are confirmed to return in UP once again by winning parliamentary elections.

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