Paathshaala Movie Review- Story of Paathshaala Movie- Shahid Ayesha in Paathshaala


PaathShala is a Bollywood Movie (Hindi Movie) starred by Shahid Kapoor, Ayesha Takia and Nana Patekar. PaathShaala movie release date is supposed to be April 16th 2010. The movie supposedly discusses about the shortcomings of current Indian educational system, how the students are subjected to presssures etc. Shahid Plays the role of a teacher, Ayesha Another teacher and Nana Patekar as the Principal of the school.PaathShalais directed by Milind Ukey.


Story Of Paathshaala Movie

The story begins with a new English Teacher Rahul Prakash Udyavar (Shahid Kapoor) joining Swaraswati Vidya Mandir school, situated in the outskirts of Mumbai Suburbs. Though he strikes instant rapport with students and teachers alike, he realizes that there is something amiss in the school. Slowly his doubts prove true as the School Manager- Sharma (Saurabh Shukla) makes many monetary obligations compulsory on the parents in the name of extracurricular activities. He goes to the extent of punishing the students inhumanly when the new unjustified demands of the school are not fulfilled by the parents.

When Rahul Udyawar unifies the teachers (Ayesha Takia, Sushant Singh, Kurush Deboo) against the atrocities of school management, the Principal Aditya Sahay (Nana Patekar) defends the management decision. This comes as a shocker to the teachers as Mr. Sahay is known for his dedication as an educationist for last 32 years which has built the school’s high reputation. The situation becomes graver as school management becomes overambitious with its growth and involves media planners in the extracurricular activities. This demands the involvement of students in TV reality shows and many other media PR activities used for building up the school image in public which starts reflecting on the students’ stress levels. The pressure on young minds increases incredibly leading to unexpected and grim consequences.

Caught in the web of commercialization and internal rebellion, the school’s situation becomes so explosive that it finally becomes a national issue. Paathshaala challenges the increasing immoralities and unethical practices in our education system. It analyses intricately the relationship between students, teachers and the education system with sensitivity and sensibility… It reflects the true spirit of an education system.

Rating of Paathsaala

Times of India’s Movie Critic Nikhat Kazmi gives Paathshala movie rating as 3 on 5. He also says the movie is low key, restrained and laid back. Nikhat Kazmi  critics that the PaathShaala movie slogs in the second half and rtends to lose momentum due to lose script and unimaginative screenplay.



Shahid visit his Childhood  Paathshala

The chocolate boy was welcomed to his school Gyan Bharati, New Delhi this Wednesday and the kids thronged him the moment he entered. Shahid was greeted by his Primary teachers on stage who spoke of his days as a kid revealing that Shahid had always been a shy kid. Getting nostalgic after his trip down the memory lane Shahid says, “I am overwhelmed to be back in my own school where I started my education. I studied here till fourth standard. I have so many memories to cherish about this place. As a kid, I was always late for school and my grandfather had to urge the guard to let me in. I remember playing in the sand with my friends.” Shahid himself looked like a child while recounting his early days as a student. He remembered walking a distance of 7-8 minutes from home to his school which was close to his old home. Shahid even visited the classroom in which he spent some of the loveliest days of his life.

Shahid’s recent release Paathshaala which deals with the educational system and stars Ayesha Takia as the female lead is to hit the theatres on 16th April.

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