Not many people have the audacity to say ‘No’ to the Big Boss of Bollywood – Amitabh Bachchan. Aamir Khan realised the same thing while having dinner with Big B in London last night.

Bachchan Sr., who is very active on popular social networking site Twitter, managed to achieve the impossible when he convinced the otherwise reclusive Aamir to join the same.


Tweeting about achieving Mission Impossible, Sr. Bachchan says, "Success commeth to those that dare and act !! Convinced the in-convincible Aamir over dinner to come on Twitter…we were not drinking!"

Soon after, Big B even posted a pic of Aamir and him having dinner. "With Aamir at dinner, Italian, good food and the smile on his face is his excitement of being convinced to come on Twitter."

Added Aamir, "He (Big B) was suggesting that I join twitter. In fact he sent a tweet while we were sitting together and showed me how it works. I must say he was most patient with me and most persuasive. I guess when I get back I will look at it."

Well one thing is certain that cyberspace is going to go berserk when Aamir Khan finally does come on Twitter.

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