Actor Hrithik Roshan was reportedly injured on the sets of Krish2.He got injured when his father Mr.Rakesh Roshan was explainig a scene to the crew members and Hrithik was dummy acting on the scene explaination and suddenly Hrithik got disbalanced and and became injured.His right hand fingers were damaged.Initiall Hrithik aided himself with the first aid kit the crew was carrying .But soon after that they ralised that the wound is a bit beyond the treatment area of their own Hrithik needs the expert attention.The doctors were called then .But no stiches were woven by the doctors making it easier for Hrithik.Doctors advised Hrithik not to wrap the wound with any bandaid or any thing else.Let the wound heal quickly keeping it open in order o get back to the action for the ongoing project of his Dad.

Krish2 is supposed to be the sequal Krish which was itself a sequal Koi Mil Gaya.Both the movies were huge hits.Koi Mil Gaya brought many appriciation of the critics also to the Hrithik and in the Krish he was playing a super hero.Huge number of kids joined the fan club of Hrithik Roushan after Krish and their expectations are high with Krish2 also.They are waiting for the healed hero to make their expectations satisfied.Krish get well soon

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