Mukesh Ambani has once again pipped the likes of LN Mittal and Azim Premji to top the list of Forbes 100 richest Indians For third year consecutively.Ambani’s net worth stands at $27 billion.According to reports this is near about double of chinas wealthiest billionaire.

Second in the list is LN Mittal with a net worth of 26.1 billion.He has retained spot of second position.Although the total wealth of both the billionaires have decreased.
While wipro tycoon Azim Premji has moved to third spot from fourth last year.He has pipped Anil Ambani who now stands at 6th spot.Azim Premjis net worth stands at near 17.6 billion.
This year India has produced 62 billionaires instead of 59 last year.This is mainly due to India’s rising growth rate and booming stock markets.The foreign investors are investing a lot in the market which has helped increase the incomes.

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