May 28, 2010 yet another maverick work done by Maoist in West Bengal. They blasted Gyaneshwari Express. 13 coaches of Gyaneshwari Express then derailed. 28 killed and more than 150 people got injured.

Trains after getting derailed fell down to ther track and collides with a passenger train (the passenger train was going to Mumbai from Kolkata) and chuked out nto the path of a speeding goods train in Jhargram area of West Bengal on Friday.

One local government official said the toll could go up to around 50 plus, because many passengers were trapped inside mangled coaches. 25 death are confirmed said by Mr. Manoj Kumar, a railway official.

The Maoist rebels, who often attack police, government buildings and infrastructure such as railway stations, have in recent months stepped up attacks in response to a government security offensive to clear them out of their jungle bases.

The area is known to be a stronghold of Maoist rebels. A railway spokesman said sabotage was suspected, but the involvement of the Maoists has yet to be confirmed.

The rebels blew up a bus in Chhattisgarh this month, killing 35 people, about a month after 76 police were killed in another attack.

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