Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti : Wallpapers, Pictures, Aarti and many more

Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti is observed on Aashwin maas shukla paksh pratipada (this year, it is coming on 27 september, 2011) according to Hindu calender. It is the birth anniversary of legendary Indian Emperor Maharaja Agrasen. He was born about 5185 years ago around the time of Mahabharat. That was the last leg of DwaparYuga and beginning of Kaliyuga. He was the eldest son of king Vallabh of Pratapnagar. He was a Suryavansh Kshtriya King.

The young Maharaja Agrasen attended the Swayamvar of Princess Madhavi, daughter of King Nagaraj. Many of the kings around the world attended including the Indra, king of Devas. Princess Madhavi selected Prince Agrasen as her husband and they got married. This marriage merged Suryavansh and Nagvansh cultures and they had 18 children.

Maharaja Agrasen established the 18 Gotras after the names of Gurus who performed the 18 Yagnas, one for each of 18 sons.

The 18 Gotras

Garg, Goyal, Goyan(half), Bansal, Kansal, Singhal, Mangal, Jindal, Tingal, Airan, Dharan, Madhukul, Bindal, Mittal, Tayal, Bhandal, Nagal, Kuchhal

Actually according to faith, there are 17 and half Gotras. Goyan is considered as half Gotra. Maharaja Agrasen conducted 18 AshwamedhYagnas. During the 18th yagna, the horse started crying as he became aware of his approaching death (according to vedic tradition, the yagna consider to be completed only after the sacrifice of the horse used in Yagna). This melted Maharaja Agrasen’s heart and he decided not to sacrifice the horse, resulting the 18th Yagna were considered to be half done.

Stamp issued in 1976 in the honour of Maharaja Agrasen


Agrasen ki Baoli in Delhi. It is believed that it was originally built by the king Agrasen during the Mahabharat epic era and rebuilt in the 14th century by the Agrawal community, who traces its origin to King Agrasen.

Maharaja Agrasen was a legendary king of Agroha, from where Agrawal trace their origins. It literally means ” Son of Agrasen. ”  In hindi bhasha, Agra means Agrasen and Wal means balak.

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