Ladakh, a part  of  Jammu &  Kashmir State in  north  of India consisting of two districts Leh and Kargil. Leh with an  area of 45110 Sq Km makes it largest district in the country in terms of area.

It lies between 32  to 36 degree North latitude and 75 degree to 80 degree East longitude. The district is bounded by Pakistan occupied Kashmir in the West and China in the north and eastern part and Lahul Spiti of Himachal  Pradesh  in  South East.

It is at a distance of  434 Kms from Srinagar and  474 Kms from  Manali. Leh district comprises of Leh town and 112 inhabited villages and one un-inhabited village. The total population of Leh district is 1.17 lacs.

Commonwealth Games headquarters was charged up on a sunny Sunday morning. A doctor, a civil engineer, a student and a mechanic had gathered, clad in windcheaters and mounted on their bikes. Agenda: to spread the message of the Commonwealth Games on a 3,500-km bike trip from Delhi to Leh, and back again.

The 34-biker group includes 60-year-old Raghvinder Singh Rekhi, who spends most of his time travelling in India and abroad. “After retirement, my mission is to discover India on a motorbike,” he says.

The expedition, called Mission Ladakh VI, is spread over 15 days. “Besides publicity for the Games, we also want to publicise motor biking as a sport,” says Mohit Thimmaya, a team member.

Love for biking and wanderlust pulled these 34 men out of the trudges of their daily lives to embark upon the five-state expedition. Mahesh Aute, a 39-year-old businessman from Aurangabad, admits, “I have embarked on this project just to go on this tour.”

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Travellers flock to Ladakh from all corners of the globe. This trans-Himalayan district of Jammu and Kashmir has now become a favourite of both adventure freaks and culture enthusiasts. As a specialist Leh-Ladakh travel management company, we provide you with both destination and product knowledge and wish to offer you some great real life experiences during your holidays in Ladakh.

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Leh Town: —


Religious and Historical Places

Buddhism is the religion of the majority of Leh District’s population. The most attractive features of the Landscape of Leh are the Buddhists Gompas (Monasteries). The Gompas are situated on the highest points of the mountain spurs or sprawl over cliffsides, located in vicinity of villages and provide focus for the faith of Buddhists. These Many Gompas celebrate their annual festivals in winter marked by gay mask dances. Gompas have a wreath of artifacts. There are also some religious places of Muslims which constitute slightly more than 15% of the district’s population.


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