Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) Online Booking Facility is boon to passengers, offering special festival services

KSRTC offers online booking to various routes in the states and as well as to the bus which travels to neighboring states. Specials bus services for Kerala with respect to Onam festival.KSRTC ONLINE HELPDESK

We thought of sharing this important information online on KSRTC online booking website because many users are unable to book it online. We present this post on various counters in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Goa, Tamil Nadu etc for our readers to go to the nearest counters in their city and book their KSRTC buses

Types of Services that Karnataka State offers to tourist and passengers.

Types of Service by KSRTC

KSRTC Online Booking is a dedicated website that belongs to Karnataka Road Transport Corporation. For the benefit of the people and making their lives easier, KSRTC Online Booking provides tickets for Volvo as well as regular buses. KSRTC Online Booking was started with the aim of providing convenience to the people of Karnataka. It also provides economic and hassle free methods to get the tickets booked in advance. The website also allows and guides people to plan their trips with much convenience.

To avail the facilities of KSRTC Online Booking, people are required to register themselves as the members of this KSRTC website. Once they register themselves, people become the members of this website and they are assigned user names and passwords to facilitate their online transactions. Having an account on such websites always offers numerous advantages.

Online Reservation in Buses :—


B1 counters

Mobile Booking:

Child Fare Criteria:

Cancellation Slab:



franchisee Counter Booking

KSRTC Airavat Route for Buses

If you need any enquiry abou the bus service from one location to other: http://ksrtc.in/AWATAREnquiry/

Enquiry for timetable for buses to various routes

Bus Service in Mysore City: Local Bus Service covering whole Mysore:

KSRTC Service in Mysore

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) was set up in the year 1961 with 1792 buses. KSRTC fleet was also augmented with 800 Buses Nationalized from private Contract carriage operators during the Emergency period 1975-77. KSRTC is wholly owned by the Government of Karnataka, India. The Government of India is also a shareholder in this corporation. KSRTC is also known for its Introduction of Volvo buses with low floor body. KSRTC online buses are generally air-conditioned, with improved tyre suspensions etc. KSRTC is consisting of different units in the state for handing various regions of Karnataka state transport services to civilization. KSRTC is made up with North West Karnataka, North East Karnataka and Bangalore Metro transport by the name of NWKRTC, NEKRTC and BMTC respectively.

KSRTC is having a fleet of more than 10000 buses, operating about 9500 bus routes of different region of southern India. In August 1997, KSRTC was divided and a new corporation by the name Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) was carved out of KSRTC. In November 1997, another new road transport corporation called North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC) was formed to cater to the transportation needs of North Western parts of Karnataka. Recently, the North Eastern Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NEKRTC) was also formed with its corporate office in Gulbarga. The company runs a fleet of buses of all types like ordinary, semi-luxury, deluxe, and air-conditioned Volvo “Airavat” buses. The KSRTC operates services within Karnataka as well as far flung destinations such as Trivandrum, Mumbai, and Vijayawada, among others. The KSRTC runs different type of buses to suit every section of the society. KSRTC also has an internet booking facility at http://www.ksrtc.in/.

Booking Information: http://www.ksrtc.in

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