It is a kosher search engine designed for Orthodox Jews. (Kugel + Google.)

“Religiously devout Jews barred by rabbis from surfing the Internet may now ‘Koogle’ it on a new ‘kosher’ search engine,” Reuters reported recently:

Yossi Altman is the site’s developer said that Koogle, is a play on the names of a Jewish noodle pudding and the ubiquitous Google,Koogle appears to meet the standards of Orthodox rabbis, i.e, who restrict use of the Web to ensure  that the viewers are not able  to view sexually explicit material. …

Its links to Israeli news and shopping sites also filter out items most ultra-Orthodox Israelis are forbidden by rabbis to have in their homes, such a television sets.

According to Reuters, Koogle, which was developed with the encouragement of rabbis, won’t allow users to make purchases, or post items, on the sabbath.

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