Bollywood Dashing hero  Saif Ali Khan and the hottest actress Kareena Kapoor visited the show “Koffee with Karan” and had a good time there. Karan Johar asked many questions from them to which they replied very  calmly and smartly. The couple was complimenting each other and was looking fabulous. You can watch the full episode and download the wallpapers from below.

On the Show Kareena was wearing a black Saree and Saif was in his Black coat with white shirt.

When asked by Karan about their marriage plans, Kareena answered that it will happen in 2012 to which Saif also agreed.

The couple even said that it is really interesting talking about their marriage plans and they wish it to get soon.

Earlier also both the actors individually visited the show but it is the first time they are together there.

Here are some of the wallpapers of the show.

Here are the videos of the episode with Saif & Kareena

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