Iran reportedly rejected the request of US to return sentinel drone captured by Iran 2 days ago.The spy craft of the US is said to be vbuilt by the latest tecnology to keep an eye over the nuclear programmes of Iran.A news paper of Iran reported that Iran was at the final stage of decoding the information present in the spy craft.Hillary Clinton requested the Irani external affairs minister.But the minister quoted that we would not let the America to do what ever they want.Dont they dare to think that  the whole world belong to them.According to the same news paper the US craft entered into the Iran when captured.The craft was reportedly being operated from thr Afganistan.

There had already been stories of covert war between America and Iran .There has been bomb blasts at the homes of nuclear scientists.Mysterious attack on nuclear power plants.This capturing of drone is expected to be a major victorios moment for Iran.US army is still showing the movements on the Afganistan.

Earliar due to the attack of Nato the pakistani government took firm actions and ordered to leave the airbase that they have been using.America is being humiliated continuously for the second time.When will the arrogant America learn.

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