Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee had announced the introduction of AC double-decker coaches in this year’s Budget. The Rail Coach Factory (RCF), Kapurthala rolled out the country’s first air conditioned double-decker train of eight coaches in Kapurthala district of Jalandhar. This train will run between Howrah and Dhanbad.

After Metro, the Delhi is also to see the other wonder by the Indian Railways. In the very near future Indian will see the first double decker AC Train. The new coach with pleasing green-yellow color has all the features and the comforts of a Shatabdi coach.
Pradeep Kumar, General Manager of Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala said, “It is the latest design, which is made of stainless steel. Its coaches are fit to run up to the speed of 180 kilometer per hour. It is incorporated with all kinds of safety features. It is a design, which will have least impact on the passengers in case of an accident. It has been made for low cost traveling. Each coach can accommodate 128 passengers up from 78 passengers per coach in Shatabdi. Rest of the facilities are similar to the ones that we provide in Nathanil and Shatabdi trains.”

The train will be introduced on stretches not more than 500 km long as there are no sleeper facilities yet, and will have a general speed of 160 kilometer per hour.

Electricity in these coaches will be supplied through power cars attached at both sides of the train.

In the new designed train, 128 passengers can be seated as compared to 78 passengers in Shatabdi chair cars, thus increasing the capacity by almost 70 percent. The first Double-Decker train would be running on rail tracks by the end of this year.

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