Bhartiya Janata party’s house adjournment advice was let down after the oral polling among the members of parlament today.BJP brought this advice on the issue of the black money.Finance minister Mr.Pranab Mukherjee in a clarification on the issue of black money said that we have so far recovered 66thousnd crore rupees from the swiss bank and in the list of the account holders there is no name of any member of parliament as yet.We have employed three separate team for the investigation and they will estimate the money deposited in the Swiss bank.He further said that it is not necessarily acceptable that every account in the swiss bank is earned out from the corrupt activities.There might be the interest rates over there in those banks because which the account holder would have deposited the money and the assesment will take time because the Swiss bank are also not co-operating with us.We are sure to have an asses ment by April of next year.

Mr.Lal Krishna Adwani alleaged the government and said ,government is not having any interest in bringing all those black money back from the foreign banks.He said that almost about 25 lac crore rupees are deposited in the foreign banks and which can uplift the Indian economy to a great extent.But the unwillingness of the government shows that government doesnt want upliftment of Indian economy

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