Former indian captain Sunil Gavaskar said that the BCCI has shut his dowm his demand of 1million US doller per season as fee for the midea activities.He criticised the leading organisation of  cricket in the country.He told,former BCCI president Mr.Sharad Pawar has assured me many times that my dues will be paid, but this backing out of the organisation has only weakened my faith . May be I will fear to make any contract with the organisation.If the BCCI continues to go through the same path of taking the work and not giving  the money promised.

I had talks with Lalit Modi also for the payment of the IPL season ,same assurance was given by him.I had talks with Mr.Arun Jetley and he also assured me that my payment will done but all those promises were just the blow of air which was blowed over me.

While asked about Anil Kumble’s resignation from national cricket association ,Gavaskar said that if some one of Kumble’s crediblity says some thing than he must be lstened.He might be wrong at some points but he was not treated well  at all.The BCCI has not dealed well with Kumble.Kumble should have been treated in a better way,states Gavaskar

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