The social networking giant facebook on today launched an application which help the suicide seekers to change there mind.The web site is providing help to an assistance to the people seeking suicide through facebook chat.Experts will be employed to provide the immidiate conversation to calm person down.

The science says that there is a quick reduction in the suicidal thoughts after quick intervention in a positive way.This time facebook took this positive step.And there are speculations that this applications is definitely going to hit the floor.Facebook is providing helplines also on which the help seekers will be able to call and will be healed.

Similar kind of applications have already been aunched by yahoo earlier but facebook with its more number of users is definitely going to make some effect.

The issues of sensoring and the debate over the sensorship of social networking websites has already been warming up all around the country after the statement of the union IT minister.He was talking about the pre screening of the contont to be posted on the social networkin web sites later he modified his statement and said that the offensive and illigal material uploaders will be punished and those contents are also going to washed out of the web page.

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