Indian Cricketer Harbhajan Singh has been sung Punjabi song titled “Ek Suneha”. Harbhajan has recite a poem. This humorous poem has been composed by Sanjay Glory. It is a poem with strong words which  showcases him expressing “the real Punjabi and not what they are shown to be otherwise”. Harbhajan admitted that when he heard the lyrics of  Ik Suneha, it inspired him to take it up. He is not singing but reciting the lines that portray a very strong message.

Harbhajan Singh

Believing strongly in the poem, Harbhajan said, “For instance Jatts are not people who fight, they are providers (annadatas) and play various other roles like that of a judge, farmer etc. It’s an important message for a lot of people who have been singing songs that don’t mean anything.

Harbhajan said that he was just impressed by the lyrics of  this track. Harbhajan also mentioned that he sang for a track that pays tribute to all mothers. “I am not a singer and don’t have what it takes to be a singer, but this message was close to my heart”.

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