Ruling Congress party called all the allies yesterday for the meeting in which they had to discuss the issue of Lokpal.And the Lokpal draft is going to be opened next to all parties in a meeting going on right now.All opposing party are showing their agreement with the Civil society member’s Lokpal draft.In this condition i will be intersting to see whether the government makes it to get the concensus becouse all other parties have already shown their rigidness on this issue.Group c is unanimously being talked to include within the  lokpal authority.But earliar governmnt has shown its less interest in the inclusion of group c.Rather there are contradiction regarding the jusiciary system among the opposition partie also.Arun Jetley has already demanded a separater machinery to control the corruption in the judiciary other than the Lokpal.Mayawati said that there must be the inclusion of judiciary ,group c as well as the CBI.CBI has always been used by the government for its own sake of betterment.Which shouldnt be there.All the parties are in agreement to bring the Prime Minister in the area of Lokpal.But the Congress party does seem to think that there is any necassity to include the Prime minister into Lokpal

The question that arises is will there be consensus.Will the consensus prohibit Anna to sit on hunger strike from 27th of this month.Lets see what happens

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