Is China A threat To India

IS China worrying about its relations with India Or is taking things the other way round..
Like our politicians have also said it in the past that China  is a great threat to India so is China also feeling the same ???
The answer to this question is clear…China is replacing its old Nuclear Capable CCS-5 MRBMs with the new advanced longer range  CSS-5 missiles..
China has moved these missiles close to Indian borders & in addition to this China is also planning to shift his airborne forces in a short notice to the border regions…
As it already known that China is extending its military advantage  over Taiwan & is still looking beyond to gain a great & massive power in Asia…
In a report reveled by USA, it is said that China is spending up an enormous sum in its defence areas including nuclear weapons long range missiles, submarines & even in cyber warfare..
In march this year China said that it was raising its defence budget by 7.5% that will amount to $ 77.9 billion..Well it was later reveled that last year China`s defence budget was around 150 billion including those areas which are not mentioned in public …
Well it just looks like that China is preparing for a war at its peak..

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