Beauty Tips For Plus Size Girls And Women-Fashion Tips For Fat Girls-How To Make Fat Girls Skinny With New Style.

untitled1 Perhaps because there has been a great increase in the number of plus size women in the world, there are more and more fashion choices for them.we have collected some of fashion tips for plus size women,because beauty is most interesting things actively talking in every day of life with every second.


# Buy pants with a wide leg that don’t accentuate the difference in size between your calves and your thighs. The pants should flow straight down, forming a column from your hips. A slim pant leg brings attention to fat thighs because they look so much larger than the calves.

#  Call attention to your upper half instead of your fat thighs by wearing flirty shirts. A sexy pair of earrings or a beautiful necklace draws attention away from your thighs as well.

# Sport dark-colored pants when possible. Dark colors are naturally slimming so they make your thighs appear smaller. Not only do they minimize fat thighs, but black pants virtually go with any color top, making it easier to mix and match your wardrobe.

 # plus size women had to wear:: drab tent dresses and stretchy, polyester pants in the years past, they now have a greater range of potential outfits.

# The next fashion item that is not appropriate for plus size women is the halter-top. Ever spring and summer, the clothing stores are filled with lightweight halter tops in fresh colors and patterns. Thin women tie them around their necks and let their backs be exposed to the warm breezes. Plus size women should stay away from open-backed tops. While you may look delightful from the front, out of sight, out of mind cannot apply to fashion choices.

# The third item on the no-no list for plus size women is cropped or cut-off tops, or even those that just reach the waist. First of all, people come in all different sizes and shapes, not just width, but length as well. A shirt that reaches one woman’s hips will not cover the waist of the other. Plus size women are especially prone to this, as their bosoms take up some of the length of the shirt. No matter how stylish your t-shirt is, you still do not look good with rolls of fat hanging out over the waistband of your pants.

#Do not settle for less than fashionable clothes. Yes, it is harder to dress in the latest styles when designers base their designs around scrawny models. However, many designers are now taking plus-sized women into account.

#Wear a bra that will hoist the bust up far enough to leave a long midriff – often a bad bra allows the bust to ‘seep’ into the stomach, making it look as if you’re one shapeless lump.

# Choose your bottom half.

— Pears should avoid trousers unless they are doing the gardening, and favor calf-length skirts, either A-line or gathered to a dropped waistband. Pears should avoid full-length skirts, which carry the broadness of the hips right down to the floor, and give the impression of a walking door.

— Apples should wear a nicely-tailored pair of trousers (without pleats at the waistband, which add bulk to the stomach), well-fitting jeans, or pencil skirts that fall to just below the knee.

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