Talking to the media this evening ,member of the core committee of the civil society Mr.Arvind Kejriwal said that if the weather in the national capital Delhi gets worse then the demonstrations against the government on the Lokpal issue can be shifted to Azad Maidan Mumbai .He further said , we are still hoping for a strong Lokpal bill to be passed out before the end of this winter session of the parliament.If the parliament passes a strong bill then there will be enjoyments ans celibrations a the selected locations.Otherwise we are ready for the demonstrations against the government.He again reiterated that CBI must come under the governing area of lokpal.The government is trying to make the multiple bosses of CBI and Kejriwal showed the agreement with statements passed by the CBI itself and said that there must be one ruling authority under which CBI will work.Kejriwl further said that no one can interfare the investigation done by investigating agency but if any irregularity in the system is found which can be prononced to be an act of corruption then the Lokpal will have the authority to go against the involved official.

This winter session is going to end on 26th of this month.As the citizens of the country lets  hope for a strong and strict Lokpal bill passed by the end of the session with consensus of the whole house.

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