Auto rickshaw and taxi drivers are running a autocracy in most metro cities in our country.They are overcharging,abusing people,refusing people.But now its the AAM ADMI which has come up and decided to refuse there services .This moment has been started by four young people of Mumbai to teach these Drivers lesson.

Despite of hike in fairs these drivers have either tempered with the meters,they take long distances,treat people badly.

The promoter of this initiative havent initially thought that there initiative would get such a response but surprisingly 15000 people have joined in there support.They are using all means to make it a success.

This initiative has moved to cities like Delhi and Chennai also.The propmoters have used all public networking sites such as facebook,twitter to promote such opposition.

Hope this acts as a lesson and bring some kind of honesty in our taxiwalas and rickshawalas.

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