SRK feels down after the cancellation of Patna visit

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan is feelin down after the cancellation of his Patna visit for the promotion of his comming movie Don 2.King of the bollywood tweeted:was super excited with my first ever visit to Patna but district authorities said some security issues.I will come some other time,Damn !!! bag […]

House adjournment advice of BJP was put down

Bhartiya Janata party’s house adjournment advice was let down after the oral polling among the members of parlament today.BJP brought this advice on the issue of the black money.Finance minister Mr.Pranab Mukherjee in a clarification on the issue of black money said that we have so far recovered 66thousnd crore […]

Keep it open Hrithik:Doctors

Actor Hrithik Roshan was reportedly injured on the sets of Krish2.He got injured when his father Mr.Rakesh Roshan was explainig a scene to the crew members and Hrithik was dummy acting on the scene explaination and suddenly Hrithik got disbalanced and and became injured.His right hand fingers were damaged.Initiall Hrithik […]

My faith in BCCI has been shaken:Gavaskar

Former indian captain Sunil Gavaskar said that the BCCI has shut his dowm his demand of 1million US doller per season as fee for the midea activities.He criticised the leading organisation of  cricket in the country.He told,former BCCI president Mr.Sharad Pawar has assured me many times that my dues will […]

Facebook will try to help people thinking about suicide

The social networking giant facebook on today launched an application which help the suicide seekers to change there mind.The web site is providing help to an assistance to the people seeking suicide through facebook chat.Experts will be employed to provide the immidiate conversation to calm person down. The science says that there […]