Rajini Kanth is one of the most sought after stars of the country and every filmmaker wants him to sign for his film. Rajini Kanth , who

leaves the audience in awe with his implausible stunts and unique styles, yet he was not the first choice for the film “Robo”.

robot movie imagesash looking stunning in the robot costume

It was already reported to our viewers that Rajini Kanth and Aishwariya Rai starrer Shankar’s much hype forthcoming film ‘Robo’ is going to release on

 September 24th . Superstar says that it’s very tough and a very challenging role to act in this film.           

On saying that he agreed to act in the film only because of Shankar and adds “He is one of the best filmmaker in the country . Shankar was the only reason

behind my agreeing to play the role . I would have declined the offer otherwise.”

romantic chemistry between ash and rajini. rocking dance by rajinikanth in robo

Rajini also said that it was the film supposed to do by Kamal Haasan and Sharukh Khan and he adds “But there is something called destiny .” ,  “Dane Dane pr

Likha hota hai khane vale ka naam.”

robot music realising at JW Marriot Saturday.

Rajini Kanth also remember his association with Big B and said Amitabh is always my inspiration and I never forget my work done with him. I cannot forget the

love, affection, and care he showed me at that time. “Thank you very very much the evergreen Amit ji”. Said he.

beautiful ashwariya will be seen dancing with rajini in the movie robo

“Around Rs.160 crore has been invested to make the film like “Sholay” in robot too there is an excellent character sketches . This is the first film in India of its


It’s science fiction and excellently made,” Rajini Kanth told reporters at the music release of “Robot” at JW Marriot Saturday.

exclisive robot images and wallpapers

Thanking the entire team of the film Rajini said , “we had enjoyed the film . I am sure that the audience will also find it interesting . I am

guaranteeing it.”

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