On the same day 10 years ago whole country saw the ugly dance of the terrorist Afzal Guru at parliament.Every single person was stunned.The internal security of whole country was quesioned.Every single person all around the country was having the same question in his mind that if they could do it in the parliament of the country they can do it any where any time they want.No one is secure.The insane terrorist can kill as many innocent people they want.They can kill kids,they can kill women,they can kill men.They have no relation with the kid,whose father they will be shooting leaving the kid fatherless.They nither have relation with the parents of a boy who is the only source of income.They are just insanes with no idea of wha they are doing.Some times i feel doubtfull for them if they are humans or not.

Many similar people died in many such attacks.Many kids lost their father many parents lost their son.And they had to bribe the official system to even obtain the compensation.What a misery,What an irony,what a contradiction,they can kill any one they want any where.But the so called democratic system of our country is too weak to even a single of them in 10 years.

The supreme court has alreay sentenced Afzal to be hanged till death.But it is the system or you can say the congress  which is so powerless that the government cant even obey the court’s directives just for the sake of mercy request of Afzal’s wife.

Moreover there is an inside fear in the congress that if Afzal is hanged there will be riots in Kashmir.Every party is skipping to talk on this issue.And if any single person dares to speak the truth ,he is forced to shut his mouth up.

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