aashayein picturesStory: Rahul Sharma (John Abraham) is ready to marry his girlfriend Nafisa ( Sonal Sehgal) after loosing a huge sum in gambling. Life seems to be melodious, until he finds he has cancer. Then the movie is how Rahul takes it up ….
Movie Review: The Movie may have been lying in line for over two yearsb from now, but this does not takes away the quality of this small and sensitive film which takes a look at illness in a fully non-filmy way. The theme may be depressing: the big bad C-word and the attendant fears that go with it. But Kukunoor chooses to look at it from the other side of the table….
When Rahul learns about his  state, he runs away from his devoted girlfriend (Sonal) and ends up in a home for terminal patients. He tries to hide his pain away from the people he loves and longs for. But the home literally turns out to be a home away from home where the hopeless man rediscovers new hope, new friends, unbound happiness, a lightness of being and a new purpose in life. Above this, he gets a chance to live out his favourite fantasy: playing Indiana Jones in a veritable temple of doom, complete with hat and whip. His job is wish fulfillment… a valiant attempt to ensure the inmates die with a smile on their lips.

But above all, it is the new relationship with the 17-year-old, tantrum-throwing Padma (Anaitha Nair) that adds a cream to the proceedings. Rahul and Padma kick up some fine chemistry with their unusual pairing . Like true soul mates, they learn to share and respect each other’s pain and grief.

Well the movie isnt a popcorn type one but will surely touch you deeply. And the heart-warming performances by John Abraham and Anaitha Nair is the best part of the movie..

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